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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Less Than One Week of Maternity Leave Left

I'm looking at my calendar and realize there's only a couple of days left before I return back to work. 12 weeks of maternity leave is just too short and I even took an additional two weeks making it 14 weeks.  I don't know how moms do it when they have to go back after six weeks.

I think this being the second baby it might be a little bit easier to leave her at daycare than with my first. Although with my first she was 12 months before going to daycare, my second will only be four months.  Like many parents I wonder if daycare is the best decision.   But staying home is not an option, I am a working mom. And props to stay at home moms, I don't think I could stay at home.

Luckily I work at a family friendly company where they can be flexible with my schedule if needed. We all know babies have frequent doctor appointments and can often become sick.

Going back to work means less time spent with my girls.  The company I work for recently moved so my commute is now an hour and a half in the morning and about 40 minutes in the afternoon when it used to be half the time in the morning and only five minutes in the afternoon.  My husband and I share drop off and pick up duty.  It sure would be nice to be able to work from home some days but for the time being that's not a possibility.  I'm told "you never know maybe three years from now". One can hope.

Still I can't help but wonder if I will cry when I drop her off on her first day of daycare.  In her first three months I don't think I've been away from her for more than three hours. And the one time I was away for 3 hours  I swear I could tell she was mad at me, she wouldn't even look at me. It was a little heartbreaking but after an hour she was either happy with me or just hungry.  I'll take what I can get.

So in the next couple days I will be figuring out what needs to be done in order to prepare to go back to work.  Wish me luck!

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