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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WDW Wednesday - Picking a Date

Now that we know we are going to Disney, we now have to decide on a date.  For many people there are different factors that go into deciding this. Schedules, budgets, weather, and crowds are a few that come to mind.

For us, our children are not in school and our work schedules pretty much are flexible. So we could go at anytime. However, we do love the idea of bringing the grandmas with us, not just to help us with the kiddos, but because we know how happy it would make them to see their grandkids excited to be at the happiest place on earth! With that said, both of our mothers work for the school system. So their vacation time coincides with just about everyone’s vacation time. Our trip will need to revolve around those dates.

That leaves us with winter break, spring break, and summer vacation. We know we want to be able to enjoy the weather outside, not just for walking but for swimming as well. So although I personally loved visiting Orlando in November, we’ll have to skip the winter break option. Weather wise spring break would be an ideal time to go, however we want to keep to a budget, and want to avoid too large of crowds. Disney is always crowded, this I know, but every bit helps, especially since we know we will have a stroller with us. So that leaves us with the hot, humid, sometimes rainy summer break., which I’m okay with as long as I know I will have someone helping us with the kids. I just know the humidity will make me cranky, even at Disney World.

We’ve decided to take a week toward the end of August. Most children will be back to school, or at least at home getting ready to head back. That will lower the attendance a little and leave mostly locals and families who don’t need to be back yet. Here’s hoping not too many schools wait until after Labor Day to go back (like in Chicago which is September 8th). This has also traditionally been one of the ‘Value Seasons’ at Disney World.

Well there’s still a lot of planning left to do. One post at a time!

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