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Friday, September 25, 2015

DIY Tulle Garland or Skirt

Now that I’ve got myself super busy with kids, work, house, etc. I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to start working on Olivia’s first birthday. Yes it’s still far away, but I like to be a little hands on and make some things.

I decided to start with a tulle knot garland. Originally I had planned on using a combination of tulle and fabric, but when I started adding the fabric, it just didn’t look good anymore. I’ll be using the garland for her cake smash photos, and as decoration for the party. Once that is done I’ll be cutting it in half and making each of the girls a tulle skirt. But for now I’ve arranged it so it spread out over Olivia’s window like a valance.

My supplies were 3 rolls of tulle, each 25 yards each. I chose lavender, teal, and gray, which are the theme colors for the party (along with her room).  I decided I wanted the tulle to hang at about 6 inches so I used a square frame that was 12X12 to get the size strips I needed. You can also you cardboard for easy measuring. And you will need ribbon. I used about 8 feet of ribbon for valance and would have needed about 2 feet for a toddler skirt.

For a skirt, I would probably wrap it around the 12 inch frame about 20 times for each color and make one cut in the middle. This should be enough tulle for a toddler tutu. As for my garland I did use all of the tulle available on each roll of color.

The method for this easy tutu is just to make slip knots all the way through. It was actually quite relaxing to do. I did two of each color in order to get the color to show. Simply make a loop and place under the ribbon then pull the bottom strands through the loop until you form a knot.

For the valance I just made some quick bows from the material I had lying around. Just to add a little something while waiting to be used for the party. As a valance I could probably do a little more to it to make it look better, but I really don’t have a lot of time so this look will do for now until its ready for its real purpose!

What color combination would you use on your tutu/garland?

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