OlgaDavis30: What happens when you lose your BFF at work?

Friday, March 4, 2016

What happens when you lose your BFF at work?

What do you do when you lose your work BFF? Or my case my two work BFFs. Well one, I stop calling them work BFFs, because let’s face it they are my BFFs. It’s always a slight blow to employee morale when there are any layoffs at work. And although sometimes it’s nothing personal, it still feels that way. You start questioning management decisions, why her, she’s awesome, she does it all, and totally better than that other person they kept. Or worse, what if I’m next, yikes!

Sadly, yes this has affected my own employee morale. It has been slowly heading south. First with the company relocating, not super far, but far enough, taking my commute from 7 minutes, to about 45 minutes, fun times on the road. No, not really when you add good old Chicago winters and traffic to the mix.  Then the ever increasing costs associated with the new location: lunches, gasoline, tolls, new car and car insurance (my old car couldn’t really handle the new commute).  But a plus, Target although technically close, takes too long to drive there and back, so I’m saving money somewhere by not going every day. (Shout out to my nursing daughter, for helping me keep those extra McDonald's calories at bay).

There was some “good” news with the relocation, like I’ve done in prior years, I asked for a merit raise, and as in previous years was given the same response. Now isn’t a good time, you’re totally worth that increase, we’ll reevaluate in six months. But this time came a little more to the response, I had the support of my supervisor to look for a job somewhere where I could be paid more. I guess that’s good, in a way, my supervisor does see that I do have value, and there could be someone that could offer me what I want.  And this has made me reconsider the CPA Exam, which I’m trying to get onto my mom schedule so I can make some study time.

My employee morale hit an all-time low when we were told we’d be hit with working spouse premiums when it came to health insurance, a sneaky cut into my salary. It was my only reason for still sticking it out. But what could I do, leave my spouse without insurance? Thanks a lot ObamaCare. I really thought this was the bottom of course until the news about my BFF. The reason I still looked forward to Mondays at work, to talk about the weekend with my girl! I was surprised to hear my BFF was the one let go, since my supervisor had given me the go ahead on moving on. But again, I know it’s not always the immediate supervisors that make the decisions. Everyone has someone they report to right? The company is good, and everyone I work with is awesome, but you know just like any other work place there’s always a chance for bad news. It’s a part of keeping your business going. I can’t argue with that.

And of course, I know I sound horrible making this about me, when I’m the one still employed. I love and miss my BFFs. Good thing they’re part of my family as my daughters’ Godmothers. They are the best!

Does anyone else suffer from “No BFF at Work” Syndrome or “Plummeting Employee Morale” disorder? I need tips to turn this around. Got to make my 5 go up to an 8. Positive vibes!

On a side note, am I too old to make new friends?  My husband seems to think so. I have no BFFs at work , sad face. I’m taking applications!

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