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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We are a little under a month away from Mother’s Day. I know I’m always left wondering “What should I get mom?” or I have my husband asking me, “hon, what do you think the girls should get you?” Of course I have always loved making things for my mom, and I love receiving homemade gifts from Maddie. But let’s be honest, we all still want that one thing. It’s not selfish at all to want to get a little something; after all we have worked hard all year being supermom. Sure the right thing to say is “being a mom is reward enough”, but gosh darn it, I like being showered with gifts! Below is a list of some items I think would be a hit with any mom.

Mom's love perfume. A new addition to the Ralph Lauren Romance collection is Tender Romance. This women's fragrance celebrates the sweet and gentle moments of falling in love for the first time with a delicate blend of fresh ginger, white magnolia, and soft cashmere. Its a scent that is reminiscent of our youth, without smelling like we are teens. It's quite the flattering scent that lingers throughout the day. Perfect for day and evening wear. 

Exquisitely crafted in luxurious croc-embossed leather, this Brahmin carryall offers intuitive organization in a classic, structured silhouette that never goes out of style and converts from crossbody to satchel via the removable strap. This is the perfect size for carrying your must haves, without adding too much to your purse. Let's face it, as a mom, if there is room in the bag we are going to use it, which can sometimes be a curse, making the thing so heavy to carry. This way you only take the essentials. I love that its sturdy and keeps its shape. A great statement piece. I love the dark blue color. Which can be considered a neutral color!

The perfect way to display all of your favorite mom moments. I love that you can choose which photos to upload and the different layouts available. They now even have cute shape ones, hearts, ovals, brackets. A great way to put your love on display at work or home. 

For the mom that loves jewelry and having keepsake reminders, this is the best. You buy the bracelet and purchase the charms that best relate to your mom, her personality, her hobbies, and memories. You can add as many as you want, or multiple too!

5. Gift Cards - Any denomination 
And when in doubt get her a gift she'll appreciate later: a gift card to her favorite store. Does she love shoes, clothes, cookware? It's all out there. Some of my favorites are DSW, The Gap Family, and Macy's. All of the stores have great customer service and a large selection of items. 

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