OlgaDavis30: Olivia is One - Her Special Day

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Olivia is One - Her Special Day

Our little baby is ONE! We celebrated by having friends and family join us at church as we baptized her.  Or as my mom would say “Finally baptized her”.

Olivia looked beautiful in her white dress and bow. Her Godmother did an exceptional job picking out her wardrobe for the big day. My husband and I were honored to have her and my brother be the Godparents. It’s not an easy task, but a challenging and rewarding one in the end. Big thanks!

After the baptism we invited everyone to a small gathering at our local community center where we celebrated with food, cake, and a piñata.

I decided to try making some of the décor and treats at home. I painted a banner, made mason jar center pieces with flowers and melted chocolate lollipops. I was happy with the results. The costs were low, but it was time consuming. I can see why they can be a pricey items. But it was fun to be semi-creative. Thanks to my husband for making the Olivia sign.

 I love how everyone eventually signed the big photo card. I think this will make a wonderful memory for her. (And perhaps it can help me find out who the no-name gifts are from).

Did anyone else wait till their child’s first birthday to baptize? For me I think it was more of a way to keep it small, inexpensive, and not make our families come out in the winter had we done it when she was six months old instead.


  1. I didn't know you made the chocolates, kudos!
    I baptized Aaron at about 2-3 years of age, so 1 isn't too bad :)

    1. Thanks! I'll make some for Eviana's birthday!

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