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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WDW Wednesday - Which Airline To Fly With

Boeing 737-800

I am now in the “who I should choose as my airline to Disney World” phase. I see so many low cost carriers flying to Orlando. There’s Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, and Jet Blue, along with the major airline carriers. Our decision will most likely be based on price, and then overall reviews of how the companies fare with traveling families.

I’ll have to do some thinking on how much luggage I want to bring, as some airlines charge for checked bags ($25 and up), while others include it in their price. I figure it is possible for my husband and I to pack the kids belongings with ours and be the only ones with luggage, thus bringing down the cost of the flight.

I also don’t want to have to worry about my family being separated because we don’t want to pay to reserve our seats in advance. I hear some airlines are more understanding than others when it comes to trying to make sure a family sits together.

I’ve traveled with one lap child before (internationally), and luckily it was a breeze. But something tells me this time around may not be so easy with two children vying for mommy’s attention.  This time around I’ll have to purchase one full fare for a child, but I will take advantage of that free or discounted lap ticket.

I think I am leaning towards flying Southwest. It flies out of Midway and has multiple non-stop flights. Plus I like if the price drops later, I can re-book and get a credit for the unused portion. No change fees. I’ve flown other airlines, and so far I have never had any issues with Southwest.

Who have you flown with and what has been your experience?  Did you encounter any surprise fees?

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