OlgaDavis30: Happy Birthday Maddie!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Someone is officially four! This little girl has come a long way from her 4.5 lbs days. She’s three feet tall, and finally weights enough to move up to her Britax Frontier ClickTight car seat! She feels that is her big girl seat, and is super excited for it.

Big things to happen this past year? She is officially potty-trained, she became a big sister, and had her first ballet recital. This coming year will be filled with even more fun!

The last couple of months Maddie has been obsessed with My Little Pony. We did her four year photos dressed as Rainbow Dash. Love how the photos turned out. You can tell she was genuinely happy to be taking those photos.

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The night before her birthday she insisted on sleeping in the living room, she thinks this means she’s having a sleepover. So it kind of put a little hole in my plans, but I made them work. I made a rainbow curtain from streamers to hang on her door, and filled the living room full of balloons. So when she woke up she was surrounded by them. I loved seeing her face full of joy. My big surprise for her was a nice size Rainbow Dash to add to her collection.

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