OlgaDavis30: July 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Motivating Women For Financial Success #WomenInspired

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Two weeks ago I had was lucky enough to be invited to the Prudential #WomenInspired event in Chicago at the The Gwen, a Luxury Collection Hotel. I was excited to meet other bloggers and entrepreneurs that were just like me, women, mothers, wives. It sends a very powerful message when you can get a room full of influential women to share their journeys, the ups and the downs. Prudential is really motivating women for financial success. They strive to connect us with the right information in order to achieve not just our personal goals but also long term family goals.

Growing up as a Latina, my family’s main lesson was to work hard and save, save, save. We hardly ever spent any money on luxuries. Our travels consisted of driving to Mexico and visiting my grandparents. I think my parents had the right idea about saving, but what they never taught me was investing in my future.

My Motivation - Mi Familia

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My #SophiaBushXEDO Charity Auction Finds

I had forgotten to update everyone on the great finds I purchased during The Girl Project Charity auction from eDropOff and Sophia Bush. When making my picks I decided to think about Fall and Winter and found some cute sweaters. I mean let me be honest with myself, I'm probably no where near Sophia's size, but I managed to squeeze into some of her things. What do you guys think?

SOPHIA BUSH Reformation Maroon Cutout Maxi Dress

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

JOHNSON’S® Baby Helps You Enjoy your #LittleWonders from Head to Toe

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® Baby and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions and text are my own.
I know many of you will understand that as a busy mom we value every little moment we can get with our little ones. Mornings at home are quite hectic as I try and hurry to get the children dressed and fed, before having to head out on our commute to daycare and work. Once we get home, it’s another rush to hurry and make dinner, clean the house and get ready for the next day. With all this rushing it’s a miracle we get any quality time together. I admit my kids don’t go to bed at 7 or 8 like other kids, but that would mean I wouldn’t see them at all! I want be able to talk about our day, play dolls, and read books. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stitch Fix Review - July Box

It's that glorious time of the month when I look forward to my surprise box of clothes from Stitch Fix! Lets take a look shall we? Let me know in the comments what you think of this months picks.

THML Bauer Embroidered Top Coral $48 
I really liked the fit and the cute detail to this top, however I already have three tanks in this color. I'm thinking I'll have to pass on this one.

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