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Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to School with Minted.com

I received a free sample from Minted.com to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own

It's August, and for many that means time to think about back to school. It's been my experience that I need to label everything my kids leave the house with. I remember the days Madeline would come home with someone else's clothes, or sweaters, and even toys! Obviously she's not going to tell her teacher when she gets to bring a free toy home, LOL, ah kids. Don't worry we always return items that don't belong to us!

Do you ever run into that problem? Solutions? Sure we can sharpie their names in everything, but that's not cute. And the marker could still wash off. That's why I'm glad I was introduced to Minted Clothing and Name Labels. They are sturdy and I stick them on everything. They are even washable. I use them on Madeline's and Olivia's clothes and any other belongings, like cups, books, toys. I like that once you stick them on it's not easy for the kids to try and take off. They are not a flimsy sticker that can be easily lost. They are machine washable and dishwasher safe. You can have their name and even a photo added to the labels! So now their teacher and daycare provider will know not to send them home in something that doesn't have their names on it. Awesome! I love the heart shaped version, as it gives it character. Most labels start at $16.

They also have Children's Stationary. The journals, notebooks, and planners are really cute. I love that you can personalize it with their names and even a picture, and inside covers can even include an address in case it goes missing. Madeline can't write yet, but she loves to draw. You have the option to have lined or blank pages. The blank pages come in handy so she can draw about the many new adventures she'll have this year. The spiral binding is great so she can easily flip through it. Notebooks start at $16 each.

On a side note, I love that customer service reached out to me before printing the photo on the notebook. It turns out I had sent a low resolution version of the photo, and they wanted to be sure that is the version I wanted to print. Thank goodness, because I had made a mistake as I did have a full resolution picture to send.
Check out Minted.com as they have so many cute unique art items, such as invitations and party products, and holiday cards. 

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