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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WDW Wednesdays - Day One - Epcot

Surprise Madeline, you're going to Disney World!

We woke up the girls at about 3:30 in the morning and got them all dressed up in their Disney outfits. We finally told Madeline we were taking her on a wonderful trip to Disney World on our way to the airport. Upon hearing the news she suddenly perked up and was wide awake. I'm not sure if she understood what was going on, but once we got to the airport and she saw her cousins waiting, she was excited and couldn't stop talking. On a side note I guess booking a 6AM flight wasn't the best idea, as that meant I was going to get zero sleep until the end of our first day. Sleep, it's overrated when you're heading to the "happiest place on Earth!" But in reality a week later, I'm still so tired. I know what people mean when they say they need a vacation from their vacation! But worth it.
Our Southwest flight was great and he staff was super friendly. We landed at the friendly Orlando International Airport and made our way to Disney's Magical Express bus. Wow, how easy it was just to get off the plane and head straight there. We didn't have to worry about baggage claim since we used the special luggage stickers provided to us from WDW. Although I did see some people with their luggage in line, I think they were either confused, or worried about not getting their luggage at their hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, Art of Animation, our rooms were not ready yet, I wasn't expecting them to be, but it would have been nice. So we used their luggage service to store our stuff, and we hopped on the complimentary bus to our first stop: EPCOT. A few highlights of our first day below.

Don't let the pants fool you, it was hot and HUMID.
But she wanted to keep them on - Committed to her outfit
I've always wanted a photo with Tinker Bell
At first Epcot was not some where I had planned on taking the girls, that is until we found out that Anna and Elsa would be making Norway their home. So thankfully since we were staying at the resort I was able to get some fast passes for the Frozen Ever After ride, I'm not sure I would have waited three hours in line for that ride. Although it was a fun ride for the girls. Even my mom enjoyed it.

Frozen Ever After

After the ride, we of course had to make our way to the Royal Sommerhus and visit Anna and Elsa. The wait to see them was not long at all (thanks to Disney Magic). Oh my heart melted at seeing Madeline so excited to see her favorite character in real life. She even showed Anna her amazing twirling moves.

Love that Elsa tried to incorporate little sister into the conversation.
Olivia looks amazed.

Showing off her twirling moves to Anna - Impressed!

Olivia enjoyed her day too! She got to ride in front of the stroller and soak in all her surroundings. She even did a pretty good job with all the character meet and greets. She was giving everyone she could a Hi-five.

Mickey Kisses

Me and Goofy go way back!

I'm so happy my mom could make the trip with us.
I'm the same age she was the first time she took my brother and I to WDW

We were only at Epcot for a couple of hours, so in the end I was left wanting to visit it more. I love going to all the different countries. I guess we saved some things for our next trip.
Do you have any favorite memories from visiting Epcot? Share below!

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