OlgaDavis30: WDW - Lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WDW - Lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table


Oh my goodness, so many princesses! Madeline was beyond excited. Okay...me too! This was a dream come true for me too as I have always wanted to go inside Cinderella's Castle.

When we arrived at Cinderella's Royal Table, right at 1pm, cause we had learned that arriving early gets you no where, we were ushered inside where we got a meet and greet with Cinderella. Madeline had been talking about Cinderella since the moment she detected the grand castle from afar. For use opting for lunch was best. The menus were too different from dinner, and she was able go right after her Boutique appointment. It would be too much of a risk trying to dinner with two tired toddlers.

At the end of our photo session we heard a gong, followed by our family name. Time to go up the wonderful winding stairwell. We were seated at great spot with a view outside the window (we were able to see the fireworks from the stage show, next time we'll have to do a dinner). My girls were each handed a wishing star and a wand.

I didn't occur to me until after the fact that I didn't take any photos of our food! But our choices were pretty good considering the amount we were paying. The only thing my family didn't care for was the appetizer, as it was a cheese and meat platter, but with only a few things we liked. Can't please everyone. We all had something different. I had the pork tenderloin, my husband had the beef and shrimp and my mother in law had the fish. The kiddos enjoyed the chicken nuggets.

I did wish the photographer that was included in the Memory Maker was around for these character dinings, but they were only around for the meeting of Cinderella, hence why I completely forgot to take photos of my surroundings. Same thing for Chef Mickey's. We took our own photos, but the experience is worth the price for dining at these restaurants. Then you don't have to worry about spending too much time waiting at the character meet and greets. From our lunch I think she was most excited about seeing Snow White. I think it was her first real encounter with the princess. She's used to seeing toys and pictures of the other princesses, so this meeting was special.

Love these photos, Madeline just looks so happy...and she is.

Snow White

Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

Ariel - The Little Mermaid


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