OlgaDavis30: December 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

Rimmel Steal the Look App and Sweepstakes

Ever wondered what you would like wearing your favorite actress, model, friend's make up? Now you can see with the Rimmel Steal the Look App. The App allows you to take a picture of a magazine, photo, or person and will create a look for you using the closest recommendations based off of the big selection of Rimmel products. The app scans the photo you take and analyzes it. You then turn the camera around on you and see the make up that was "stolen". You can then take a picture of yourself and the make up will be added to your photo so you can see exactly what it looks like. If you love it you can easily shop for the products in the app too! No hassle of having to go to the store, just buy online. How easy and fun is that.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Gift That's Keeps on Giving - Rwanda Path to Peace at Macy's

I was gifted a product from the Macy's Rwanda Path to Peace line however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Every year we get ready to celebrate the holidays. And every year I buy a new ornament for my family. This year my attention was brought to Macy's Rwanda Path to Peace collection. We are very fortunate to have happy healthy lives, but not everyone is so lucky. I was surprised to read that in 1994 the small country of Rwanda had lost, in three months, nearly a million people. That's 20% of the nation’s population! They were massacred when tribal hatred between the Hutus and Tutsis turned into ethnic slaughter. Neighbors killed each other in one of the worst genocides in human history. It is because of this that so many women were left to be the breadwinners of their families as husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, were no longer alive or jailed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stitch Fix Review - December Box

Happy Holidays all! Gearing up for our Christmas gathering this year has been keeping me quite busy. This time around I asked my stylist for some dressy, yet comfortable pieces to wear for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Overall I think I'm going to keep two of the pieces. What do you think? And if you're still last minute shopping consider a Stitch Fix gift card. Great gift for any girl or guy. It can be used towards a fix anytime. Hint hint. Or give it a try yourself by filling out your profile.

Renne C Alya Pencil Skirt Brown - $48
Max Treads Obello Peplum Detail Knit Top Orange Red - $44
Not crazy about the skirt pattern this time around. The fit is stretchy and comfortable, but for winters in Chicago, not practical. It wouldn't even see the day of light until maybe late Spring if I didn't forget about it during the time. The length is perfect though, and I'm short, so that's tough to find.  I tried the skirt on with a different blouse below and it looked a little better. The top I'm not a fan at all. I think it is not flattering on me at all. I can see the color being festive and all, but it just hangs on me. The material is better for a regular shirt, not a peplum style. I know this is going back.

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