OlgaDavis30: At The Chicago Auto Show Feb. 11-20, 2017 #CAS17

Sunday, February 12, 2017

At The Chicago Auto Show Feb. 11-20, 2017 #CAS17

This post is sponsored by She Buys Cars in collaboration with Hyundai

Looking for something to do this week? Check out the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. It's considered the nation's largest consumer auto shows, with a large variety of car brands. Are you in the market for a new car? This is the best place to see what your options are with out feeling the pressure of the sales agent to purchase. Everyone is here to answer all your questions regarding any of the cars you see. The show is at the McCormick Place and runs from Feb. 11-20, 2017.

The Chicago Auto Show holds a special place in my heart, it is the first Valentine's Day date my now husband and I had, cue the awws. I was shopping for a new car so I figured it'd be fun for him to go with me and give me some of his advise. That is the year I purchased my little Ford that lasted me over 13 years, and is still in awesome shape. I did have to eventually upgrade to accomodate for the growing family, and again I headed to the show a couple of years to go see what my options were. That time around I chose an Hyundai Accent hatchback. Love, Love Love my hatchback! Its roomy enough for what I need, and compact so I can park in the smallest spots in the city. It is also great for on gas.

This year I was able to visit the show as part of She Buys Cars influencers. We were treated to a special press release for the Hyundai Elantra and the new Luxury car Genesis. 

The 2018 Elantra is based off the European i30, and will include Hyundai’s BlueLink system, which can remotely start your car, as well as run the rear defroster and heat the side mirrors. The system is compatible with Amazon’s Echo. Hyundai announced that the Echo works with the automaker's second-generation BlueLink telematics system to start, lock or unlock a car, or adjust its cabin temperature. At this point most of the Hyundai models carry this technology except for of course my Hyundai Accent, my next car will. So all I've got to say is "Alexa, start my car, and set to 72 degrees". Perfect for our cold Chicago Winters. 

The Genesis combines Elegance, Velocity, and Beauty all into one vehicle. The model G80 Sport is even fashion forward, adding copper detailing from the seats to the car's front grille. Think of it as Jewelry for your car. We're in our cars for so much of our day, why not have it look good.

When you visit the Chicago Auto Show you will see how far technology has come. We are at the point where tiny cameras and sensors can help maneuver your car, perhaps bringing down the accident rate. I wonder how much time it takes to get used to that automatic braking. And the sound of Automatic Cruise Control (ACC) sounds intriguing. 

Other fun things to do at the car show are the test tracks. I was able to do try Toyota's, fun, and was able to see Jeeps course. That one looked like even more fun. Also check out The Midwest Automotive Media Association Family Vehicle of the Year the Chrysler Pacifica. The area for this mini van also includes a mini version of the vehicle and a fun little play area for the kids while you find out more about it. If you have time, and patience Chevy has a Build a Batmobile Lego station and a huge Lego replica of the Batmobile. And lastly one of the funnest campaigns I've seen with Disney is the the Nissan Rogue and Rogue One Movie. They came out with a limited edition vehicle, only 5,000 available. 

So come out with the family and enjoy the show! Let me know what cars you liked. 

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