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Friday, March 10, 2017

Fitness Meets Fashion at Fashion Outlets Chicago

How are your fitness goals from New Year's resolutions going? Mine aren't horrible. In the last three months I've lost 7 pounds from just changing what I eat a little, and walking more everyday. I have really cut back on fast food and soda. I think I'd have a little more motivation to do more if my husband decided to come home one day and say, "Honey, get ready to pack your bags in six weeks because we are going on a beach vacation".  Yep, that would definitely get me to do a lot more. 

You know what else motivates me? Shopping! Getting ready to work out means I get to go shopping, because, well I've got to look good doing it, right? Last week I was invited to Fashion Outlets Chicago to check out the many stores they have geared towards health and fitness. 

1. Le Creuset

We were treated to some delicious cooking from Chef Corey Rice, from Master Chef Season 7, thanks to Le Creuset. Sorry no photos, I was too excited and it was my first stop. I've always wanted one of those pots, but I don't do enough cooking to get one for myself...yet. But they do have a lifetime guarantee, and are significantly less at the outlet than at retail. Plus you'll find seasonal items marked down even more. I was very close to purchasing Valentine's day items. Having the right cooking tools can motivate you to eat healthier. 

2. Freshii

Next sampling was from Freshii. I've seen them at Target and Yorktown mall. They have some great dishes, to which I've always add chicken too. They recently opened more locations, including here at Fashion Outlets Chicago. They offer a meal box program, genius. You come in and get your order and you can do it for 1,3,5 or 30 days. All depends on your goals which one you get, eat clean, slim down, etc. You have also got to try their Mango Tango smoothie, healthy and sweet. 

3. David's Tea

David's Tea offered us some tasty tea. I opted for the Strawberry Shake flavor, and yes that's exactly what the tea tasted like. If you go into one of their stores the associates are really friendly and are there to help you along if you aren't familiar with teas. You can also buy as much or little of what you want as it is sold by the ounce. They also offer cute packaging and cups. They currently have a Malt Shop theme going. Very cute and yummy. 

Shopping for fitness wear can sometimes get expensive, but at the outlets you can bet you can find things at a great price. Some stores offer discontinued/out of season items and others have Outlet/Factory Store made items. But both are offered at lower prices or promotional prices. Yay for your wallet!

4. Nordstrom Rack

Some of the stores that offer fitness apparel and shoes are mentioned below. The one that caught my eye was Nordstrom Rack. I had no idea they offered Z by Zella, made for the Rack. It looks super stylish and feels good. Definitely on my radar. And of course affordable.

5. Lululemon

I know a lot of people love Lululemon and they have an outlet! I found some great pieces at a great price. Some of the items I saw were still being sold in retail stores, so check it out if you want to get a good deal. All of their items come from other retail stores. They also have daily deals that come and go quickly! The fun part of visiting that store was that they had some people doing yoga right inside their window. Cool!

6. Puma

Puma is another store that offers items made specifically for that the factory store. Think of it as the their best selling shoes scaled back a little to be offered at a lower price. If your familiar with Rhianna's FENTY, then you might like the more functional counter part VIKKY. It's both Feminine and Sporty. Plus it offers Softfoam for extra comfort. A new shoe that just arrived this month is the Swan VIKKY and Swan Rebel, inspired by the New York City Ballet. I'm eyeing the Rebel. 

Don't forget if you want to visit Fashion Outlets Chicago, located at 5220 Fashion Outlets Way
Rosemont, IL 60018, there's tons of parking and free shuttle from the Blue line. They also offer a Concierge service. You can text them (847-957-4600) to ask questions and they contact you right back. It is literaly a service at your fingertips. If you plan on doing a lot of shopping sign up for the Shopper Rewards. Earn $10 for every $250. And feel free to visit and check out the Art collection that has been added throughout the mall known as THE COLLECTION: Where Art Meets Fashion.

Other stores:
Under Armour
Finish Line
Maoz Vegetarian
Nike Factory Store
Vitamin World

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