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Monday, May 8, 2017

Stitch Fix Review - April Box

I always look forward to my mailman dropping off my Stitch Fix box. I'm always wondering how big the box will be and what is going to fit in it. And I always cross my fingers that my stylist delivers a five out of five fix so I can take advantage of that 25% off.

Now that Spring is here I'm thinking about what I'm going to be doing for Mother's Day. I'm looking forward to a great dinner with the family. As far as my mom goes, I'll probably surprise her with some flowers. Who doesn't like getting flowers?! What are you planning for your mom (or yourself). If your still thinking you can always get her a Stitch Fix Gift card so she can try out the service. You know how fun it is to get stuff delivered to your house. I'm also already writing up next month's request to Katie, my stylist, so she can send over some great summer pieces. Vacation please!

Papermoon Englewood Lace Inset Blouse in Navy - $44
Cute lace detail on collar and a good length. The paisley is a nice print and I think it looks okay on me, but not sure its really my style. 

Skies are Blue Kendruh Layered Hem Knit Top in Teal Green - $48
I really like the the hem on this light sweater it adds a bit of asymmetry to the look. And the color is one of my favorites. This sweater can easily transition from spring to fall.

Kaileigh Felton Bell Sleeve Top in Blush - $38
When I pulled this out of the box, I was like no way, uh-uh. And then I put it on and I'm still like nope. But then I took this picture and I'm really loving how I look in it. Maybe my mirror was lying to me. I felt it made me look wide, but It really is pretty. What do you think? Keep or pass?

Kaileigh Keana Dress in Light Blue - $48
I really wanted to add a dress to my wardrobe this season. This dress I think is probably not in my age range. I felt a tad on the old side wearing this, like I was shopping at the junior section of a store. It's cute, and could totally be worn during festival season, but not for me. I wasn't crazy about the color either, it looked a little sad, more of a fall color. I'm going to pass on this one. Do you agree?

Skies are Blue Janessa Pleat Detail Blouse in Red - $44
So I'm a bit on the color confused side. I could have sworn this was an orange top, but it says red, and looking at the photo now I can see the red, I think, LOL. This was a great feeling material, and was a bit on the stretchy side. the top pleats are really a nice touch. The sleeves give it a real feminine touch.


PRINT-AT-HOME: Print a gift at home or work, then add a handwritten note.

E-MAIL: Add a personal note and send your gift immediately - or on the day of your choice.

(SNAIL) MAIL: Send your gift the old-fashioned way. Free delivery in 2-5 business days.

And don't forget Stitch Fix offers clothes in Maternity and Plus sizes, and is also available for Men!

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