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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Toddler Gave Herself a Haircut

Olivia finally wearing hair clips
Ugh, it finally happened. My toddler gave herself a haircut! I'm sure this has happened to many of us. In fact my now 5 year old also took scissors to her hair claiming she wanted to have bangs. Fortunately for that episode I caught her in time to where the only damage was centralized to the front of her hair...easy fix with what she wanted bangs. (And those scissors are now hidden and out of reach).
Picture day...luckily before the haircut
I have a bit of mom guilt. I'm a bit of a helicopter mom. I'm like a shadow trying to see what my kids are up to. But this time around I let my guard down, which thinking back now I should have known better. We were at my dad's, and well he doesn't really have a baby proof home. So my sneaky 2 year old got the better of me when we were all having lunch. Seeing as she was done she and the 5 year old went to watch some tv, right in my line of sight. I must have been caught up in conversation with dad, when Madeline calls out to me, "mom, come see what Olivia is doing". I assumed that she was trying to climb something as that is her new thing. Nope I walk into the bathroom to find a ton of hair on the ground, I didn't even know she had that much hair! She was holding the (thankfully blunt ended) scissors so proudly, "look mommy". I didn't know whether to cry or scold her. I was finally able to get her to hair hair clips and bows (she must have been rebelling against it). 
I'm going to miss those hair clips
My first thought was Madeline must have helped, I mean she cut the back of her hair! Madeline denies, denies, denies. I asked Olivia where she got the scissors and she insisted that "Madeline climbed". At this point the damage is done so pointing fingers is really well pointless. I grab Olivia and sit her down, contemplating how I'm going to fix this. I tried to trim and give her bowl cut, but I quickly realize that she had cut pretty deep. I was going to have to find some real help.
Toddler Cuts Hair
Off to the closest salon we go. I think it was a Borics we ended up at. Usually we go to those specialty kid places, but we had to go to my nieces school presentation, so we couldn't go too far. The stylist was also going to try and save as much hair as she could but I knew better... I said just make her look like a little boy if that's what its going to take to make it look decent. Olivia was excited to have a new pixie cut. It's funny now, because she actually looks kind of cute, even with those pieces that were cut too short. 
A happy toddler after her haircut 
At the school presentation not even half an hour after her cut I hear a woman behind me say, "oh, its a little girl, I see the pink shoes now, I thought it was a boy". And so goes the rest of the week...I keep finding myself explaining to anyone who may stare in our general direction the story of how the hair cut came to be. 
Olivia is all smiles
How did you handle your child's creative hair cut?
I admit as a child I cut my hair, my brother's hair, my cousin's hair, and any doll with long hair, LOL. I guess it's just something that can happen when you have a child that is curious and fearless. And those scissors aren't hidden. (I think my dad felt bad, but it's not his fault. He put the scissors up high where he thought the girls would never notice). And I just have to remind myself that it is after all just hair, and it will grow back... and she might take the scissors to it again. 

Looking forward to a summer of wearing lots of skirts and dresses! 

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