OlgaDavis30: Making Our Way to Walt Disney World

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Making Our Way to Walt Disney World

We are back from our fun filled Disney World adventure. I can’t wait to share our experiences with you, who know maybe you’ll pick up a trick or two along the way.

For us, we try and maximize all available days while we are there, and that includes taking the first flight of Chicago to Orlando. So we made sure to book a 5:30 AM flight. Yep, that early, even with two kiddos in tow. We know are kids and were lucky enough to have them sleep on the flight. That also goes for the flight home. We try and get the latest flight we know our kids can handle. In this case it was an 8:45 PM flight, arriving in Chicago at about 11 PM. Again kids slept on the ride back. The other good thing about these times is that when traveling with Southwest, the prices are always the lowest. And who doesn’t want to save a little cash and use it at Disney.

We decided that once again we were not going to tell Madeline or Olivia about our trip. Cause there is nothing worse than days, weeks, or even months of, “Mommy, are we leaving yet?”; that would not be fun for me. I’m sure once they are older a Disney Countdown will be a good fun activity. So early that morning, after not much sleep (because we are all kids inside and super excited to go too), I woke up Olivia first. I got her dressed in a Minnie Mouse outfit and asked her “Guess where we are going?”, but she was still so sleepy, LOL, she just went back to bed!

Next was Madeline, “honey, wake up, time to go to school”, ha, that wasn’t going to get her up. I said, look I got you a new outfit, she opened her eyes a little. At which her Daddy said, “how would you like to skip school today and go somewhere fun?”. Well now we got her attention. Her Daddy gave her favorite stuffed animal and he was wearing a Mickey shirt. “How about we go to Disney World”? Well that got her right up and was excited, just as we had hoped. She jumped out of bed and said, “I have to go tell Olivia!”.

We all got dressed and ready to go. Getting to the airport and getting on our flight was uneventful. I have to say that booking a February flight in Chicago, I was a bit worried that the weather would somehow affect our trip. Thankfully it didn’t. Once we arrived, it was a smooth transition. Because we booked with Disney, and were going to use the Magical Express Transportation, (free to resort guests), we were able to bypass baggage claim. Disney had sent over special luggage tags that would indicate that those bags would be picked up and delivered to the resort we were staying at. This was a great convenience as it allowed for us to get on the bus to our resort a lot faster, and allowed for us to maximize the time we would be spending at our first park the first day. Normally in the summer time, the parks are open later into the night, 10pm to sometimes midnight. In the winter we were looking at anywhere from 6pm to 9pm closing times. Can't wait to tell you about Hollywood Studios!

I hope you follow along as I recap our trip.

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