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Monday, April 9, 2018

Macy's Culinary Council - Rick Bayless

Meeting Chef Rick Bayless at Macy's on State Street

Last weekend I was invited to Macy's Culinary Council at Macy's on State Street. They had a special Children's Cooking class with Chef Rick Bayless. My niece came along with me so she could partake in the the days lesson. She, as was I, were awe struck by the opportunity to learn from one of my favorite chefs.

Before the day's class I was able to sit with Chef Bayless and ask him a question.
Why should be include our children when we prepare our food and at what age should we start including them?

Chef Bayless began by answering the second part of the question.

"There is never an age that is too young for people to get involved in how they are going to nourish themselves, because you die if you don't eat. So to me it's an important part of just being a human being. If you don't know how to make your own food then I think you are at an incredible disadvantage. There is something that is hardwired in human beings to connect to the source of their food. In the last, probably about 30 years or so, we have fully disconnected ourselves from the source of our food, so that people don't have to ever come in contact with it, they never have to know where their food comes from, and they don't even ever need to see it being prepared. They can just buy it all prepared for them so that all they do is put it in their mouths. And I think that is a pretty dangerous thing for us to do because it takes away a basic understanding of what their food is.

Chef Rick Bayless Macy's Culinary Council

I give him an example of how I've tried to involve my kids in our cooking process. We have started making their mac n cheese from scratch, and we like for our kids to see the different cheeses that go into the dish, and how we can add different flavors by adding other ingredients like bacon.

He goes on to say, that there is nothing wrong with the components of mac n cheese, "but making it from scratch lets them know what is going into their food. Suddenly the flavors are also more lively because they are not using dehydrated cheese, but real cheese. Then you can start doing add ins, what does this flavor give to it, and all that. Its just a great way to think about food. And that's why I said there is never an age at which they are too young to do that.

My niece excited for her class

I grew up in a restaurant kitchen and by most peoples standards today, everyone would say oh its so dangerous, you can't be there, you can't have kids there, they couldn't be there until they were fifteen years old, or what ever. I started hanging out in our restaurants kitchen when I was four years old, and there was never an accident or never anything because you learn to respect it, even at four year old. And I think keeping kids away from the kitchen is doing a disservice to them. There is nothing that a child can not handle in the kitchen".

Every participant received ingredients to make their Guacamole

My niece and a big group of children were given all the ingredients and extra fixings to make their own Guacamole. They were able to experiment by adding cheese, bacon, lime, cilantro, etc, until they found a combination that they liked. I was happy to see Chef Bayless taste some of the participants samples, and give words of encouragement. He tasted my nieces, and told her "you really like lime", LOL, I think she may squeezed her lime a bit too much. After the class I made my way to her table and got my own taste. I think she did a great job, and once I got through chip number 3 the lime wasn't as strong, so my guess is she must have splashed some extra lime last minute. After attending this class and see how organized it was and how involved the participants and chef were, I look forward to attending a class myself.

Check out upcoming events at Macy's Culinary Council!

On a side note...I do love my Big Macs, but now I'll think about what goes into them.

The finished dish, yummy guacamole!

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