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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

WDW Wednesdays - What To Pack for a Disney Trip

I love my pink polka dot luggage

The second most asked question I get is, “What do you pack for your trip to Disney World”. Well even though I had my list, let’s just say things don’t always go as planned. So if you run into issues, don’t sweat it, you’re at Disney World!

Let me just start with my OMG moment that happened on the plane on our way to Disney World. I had a Kevin’s mom moment. You know the one from Home Alone, where she can’t remember what she left behind, and then she does? Well that was me. I’m just sitting there thinking, I know I forgot something, something that was on my mental list that I never checked off. Well then all of a sudden like a pile of bricks it hit me…Oh no, I had forgotten to pack the girl’s leggings! I was pretty positive, but couldn’t confirm until that night, after we got to our rooms for the night. But yes, after a long day at the park it was later confirmed that my girls had only had the bottoms they wore on the plane, plus one more sweatpants outfit. #MomFail.

Ugh, how could I forget. I also got a look from the husband that said the same thing. Well I know exactly how I forgot, I was doing laundry to have all the pants clean for our trip, but then after folding them I never added them to the suitcase. To make matters worse, the forecast at the time only called for high 60s, so any shorts I had intended to bring I took out, thinking it was going to be too cool for shorts. And boy was I wrong, well the forecast, not me. It ended up being in the 80s most of the time. 

The girls also managed on the extra dresses I packed. There were other possible solutions, like I did eventually think of ordering from Amazon Prime (which would have added a $5 fee to hold at our resort), or getting an Uber to go to a local store, but then that would dig into our park time. All in all, we didn’t let the situation sway us from our fun, we are at the happiest place on earth, nothing a little Mickey and Friends can’t fix. 

What I've learned is to pack the essentials, and remember if you forget something you most likely can find it at resorts or parks.

Here’s my list!

1). Clothes! We had one outfit per day, plus 3 extra tops in case of accidents/stains. Swimsuits if you have any intention of making it to the pool. We brought ours, but were too exhausted to go. Next time we’ll add an off day to just relax at the pool.  We also brought some princess dresses, cause the kids will want to wear them...until they don't. I'm the mom that likes to dress my kids alike. I think they look cute, and if I misplace my child I can just look at the other and know what they were wearing, LOL! All joking aside, I found having matching outfits/shirts, really did help keeping track of the whole family.

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2). Two pairs of shoes. You never know when you’ll get hit with the Florida rain. It would suck for your shoes not to dry by the next day. For us we also included one pair of “dress” shoes with sneaker soles. This was for our dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table. 

3). Water bottle. For us it made sense to just fill a water bottle at the drinking fountains. Most of the times the lines were pretty long to just get a cup of complimentary water. But if you don’t want to carry a bottle, comp water is a great perk, just ask at any counter. 

4). iPad. Are your kids like mine and obsessed with unboxing videos, or kids (adults) playing with toys? Well this certainly was a good, last resort tool on the airplane in order to get them to sit still. This time around the kids didn’t need it as our flights were spent mostly sleeping, but it’s good to have. I like to limit its use, but lets face it, sometimes mommy and daddy need a break.

5). Toy figurines. We brought our mini princesses figurines for the plane and park. Olivia entertains herself with these toys. They are small and lightweight and a good distraction for her as her big sister rides the big kid rides. 

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6). Your phone. We used our phones to book fast passes as soon as we swiped our 3rd fast pass. This is how we managed to also ride Na'vi River, Toy Story Mania, Mine Train, and other rides more than once, or as an extra tier one. Keep checking different times, and something usually pops us. You can also use fast passes for easy rides, and just skip to the front of the line, and after you swipe,  get another fast pass again. Rides such as Dumbo, Flying Carpets, and Tea Cups, we didn’t have to wait in any lines this year.  

7). Your plan/agenda. Look I’m a planner and although I don’t plan every detail, I like to know that I’m at least a little prepared. We had our fast pass times, the land locations, show times/meet & greets, and our food choices kind of planned out. Then everything else was just as we go.  

8). Dramamine/Medicine/Sunblock/Toiletries Just your typical mom kit. Dramamine for me mostly so I could enjoy all the rides with my kids, including the teacups. Which I would otherwise not be able to handle. When we went to Disney it was during the Disney Flu outbreak. So they did end up getting it and needing medicine. You don’t really need to bring shampoo/soap, since what they provide is pretty good. And if you need more you just have to call Mousekeeping. Which by the way you can opt out and receive a gift card in exchange. Ask guest services when you check in . 

9). Snacks This year I actually packed a small carry on suitcase and filled it with tons of snacks. Muffins, granola bars, cheesy puffs, fruit snacks, etc. This saved us time and money. We used them for a quick breakfast, and as energy boosters between meals at the park. Sure we still indulged in some awesome Disney snacks, but with picky eaters this is a must. 

10). Stroller If you have kids bring one. And don’t let any one judge you. Parents need a break too, and if that means putting your kid in a stroller, do it. I think I’ll bring a stroller as long as the one of the kids is under 6. Then after that they can both handle the park and small breaks on a bench. But for me, right now, naps in a stroller are a gift. 

11). Backpack Yes it may slow you down to get into the parks, but it is nice to have all you need in one bag. Snacks, diapers, phones, toys, extra tees, and anything extra you may need. 

12). Ears and Souvenirs If you can purchase Disney themed items, you can save some time, money and crying time from your child. Many of the items you can find at the dollar store can be just as good for your child to enjoy while on vacation. Bubble wands were a big thing at the parks, I didn’t bring those just because I didn’t want to carry that bulky of an item. But I did bring along ears. We did end up buying one pair while were there for Madeline since I had spiked her interest because I was on the hunt for the Rose Gold Ears, which they didn’t have until a couple of days after we had left. But I'm happy to report, I was finally able to buy a pair online at the Disney Store.

13). Mother-in-law LOL. I love her and could not have survived our trip without her. She helps my husband and I keep our sanity, and allows us to have a little fun too! Extra help is always appreciated. 

What else would you or have you brought on vacation? Anything you would leave off?

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