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Thursday, October 4, 2018

More Than Pink Walk #Pak4ACure

This post is sponsored by Valpak. All opinions are my own.

Valpak has joined the community to share in the vision of the Susan G Komen for a world without breast cancer. They will be donating at least $50,000 in 2018 and encourage donations and support activations through local and corporate partners. I am always looking for companies who do so much to support causes that I care for. When I signed up for the walk I was also able to create a donation/fundraiser page and even have it post to my Facebook page. You can make your own donation too at http://www.komen.org/valpakgoespink

I had a great time participating in the Susan G Komen More than Pink walk thanks to Valpak, www.valpak.com/komen. The walk took place in Milwaukee with the Lakefront as a beautiful backdrop. I was so happy to have my family come along with me from Chicago. I received a shirt from Valpak and was able to personalize it. 

I discovered that with the walk,  the Susan G Komen foundation is trying to be More than Pink. They want to expand to more colors and have them relate to different aspects of the foundation. It is more of a learning environment as opposed as to just a run/walk. I like that I was able to visit various stations and get different types of information. Below is a a breakdown of what the colors represent, as the foundation continues to spread the word that Breast Cancer is #unacceptable. 

Photo: https://ww5.komen.org/unacceptable/

Everyone turned their pink head wraps inside out to reveal a new color as part of the More than Pink campaign. 
This was also a good opportunity to share with my daughters and nieces what breast cancer is, and help explain it to them in a way they would understand as they are still young. The walk included lots of activities for the whole family. Everyone was so nice and supportive of all those survivors we saw and of those we saw remembrance photos/posters of. It really was something special. I'm hoping next year my aunt will be in good spirits and maybe even join us. 

Girls getting face tattoos and hair sprayed in fun colors, all revolving around the new campaign. 

Making bracelets in the campaigns new added colors. 

A cute craft!

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