OlgaDavis30: WDW Wednesdays - Disney Social Media Moms on the Road

Thursday, January 10, 2019

WDW Wednesdays - Disney Social Media Moms on the Road

So this is what happens when I try to schedule a post... it never posted! So all this time I thought this was out there and it wasn’t. Shame on me for not double checking. But I still wanted to share how much fun I had at the event and thank Disney for the invitation. Better late than never. At least Toy Stoey Land is officially here and Star Wars Land is closer to being open! PS: I realize it is not Wednesday, LOL.

A few weeks months ago I was able to attend the Disney Social Media Moms on the Road Conferences. I cannot tell you how excited I was to be invited. My family and I love all things Disney, so it was great to be surrounded by other like-minded persons. The conference was a great learning experience. We were treated to breakfast and swag bags.

We also got to listen to multiple speakers who told us how we could reach our audiences on a higher level. I paid close attention as I want to grow my audience and deliver content that you will want to read and engage in. I’ve found that Disney is a topic a lot of families like to read about, and that I love to share. I’m not by far a Disney expert, but I will most definitely share my experiences with anyone who wants to know about them. I hope that you learn from my travels and can use them to your advantage.

I was able to hear Sarah Domenech speak about families, and how she has focused on the movement of Familia First, #FamiliaFirst. As a first generation Latina, I’m excited to see Disney reach out to the Hispanic community. As a child all I could dream of was going to Disney World, so when my 15th birthday came around I opted for a vacation as opposed to a fancy Quinceanera. Best decision ever!

Going to Disney World really can be achieved with planning and budgeting, which we all know describes me to a T. And of course I can only hope to get some pixie dust one day where my family and I can be part of the big celebration!

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