OlgaDavis30: Stitch Fix - August 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Stitch Fix - August 2019

It's Back to School Season and that means I get to shop for new items! The warm weather will soon be leaving us, but hopefully not too soon. I'm hoping for a mild fall so we can continue to wear fun dresses and cute shoes. Here's this month's Stitch Fix box. Let me now if the items are a yea or nay. And as always you can try it out for yourself using my referral code, you'll get a $25 credit.  There's no obligation to buy. If you don't like it send it all back, and if you love it all you get an added discount.

41 Hawthorn - Cristen Shirt Dress $78
Love the style, love the print...but that being said, I already have a very similar dress. So this one will be going back. But I do like the quality, and the length is just what I look for. The small tie around the waist helps bring it together and give it a good a silhouette.

MIX by 41 Hawthorn - Maire Knit Dress $58
I really wanted to like this dress. It had a nice neutral pattern, perfect for work, and one of my favorite colors - Navy. But it was on the thicker, heavier side. I think it was missing something
around the waist to break up the print a bit. I also felt like it was too long of a length for me, making me look shorter. What do you think? Looking at the picture I don't think it looks so bad after all.

Skies are Blue - Kinsley Crochet Detail Maxi Dress $78
This dress was so beautiful. I loved the crochet detail and I as soon as I saw it in the box I was already dreaming up wearing it on my next vacation. Sadly it was just a tad on the big side and for the price it would have to fit perfect for me to keep it. I made a note to my stylist so if the size I need ever becomes available they can reship to me.

Fortune + Ivy - Irene Faux Wrap Brushed Dress $54
Another comfortable dress! I really liked how the front looked on me, but I'm not a fan of the longer length on the back. The color and print was just okay for me. Perhaps a more summery color would have sold me on the style

Papermoon - Wendilyn Knit Maxi Dress $48
This Navy maxi dress is perfect for summer nights. The color is also good to transition into fall. So definitely a keeper. And I will be taking on my next vacation. I'm a bit on the shorter side, but with the right shoes the dress isn't too long. Super comfortable material and not heavy for those hot summer days.

Let me know in the comments if it's a yes or no on this month's fix. Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to pin it so you're stylist knows what you like!

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